Back to School Cupcake Toppers

Sunday August 31 10am - 12pm

Great Memories!!

Casual Dining with us at Deb's Place

345 Brooklyn Street  Morrisville, Vermont 05661  802-888-6886

Image, Instruction info and price to come soon!!!

Thanks for being patient!

Paint your own Ukelele

Sunday September 13th, 10am -1pm

This event will be limited to 8 couples.  Leaving us  plenty of room for social distancing. 
I will be also be doing this event on facebook live.

Included in the class are 6 mixed flavored cupcakes, frosting and fondant for making six cupcake toppers.  All decorating supplies will be provided for in house participants. The class is $40. (non-refundable) and lasts 2 hours. All participants must registered and paid in full by Wednesday August 26 to hold your spot. Children under twelve must be accompanied by an adult. This is a great time...Hope to see you there!! You can register here, in person at Deb's place or by calling 888-6886

For those who are interested in the virtual class, kits for 30.00 will be available for pickup on Saturday aternoon.  Must order by August 26.  I will provide 6 cupcakes and fondant for making the 6 cupcake toppers.  The following items will also be needed to make the cupcake toppers:

Rolling pin

crisco shortening, corn starch

(available for purchase)

sharp kinfe


Still updating!